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Abzorb contacted us after they had used the Vodafone Partner Services portal and were impressed with how easy it made doing business. They identified that they could have the same impact on their own partners by using the same technology and so, naturally, worked with the same people to implement it.

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We worked very closely with Abzorb to ensure that we delivered a product that exceeded what had been built for Vodafone. Working with Abzorb gave us the opportunity to conclude some of the missing pieces of the roadmap that were cancelled by Vodafone. This allowed Abzorb to introduce functionality to their sales channels that Vodafone had stopped short of. THis included the capability of tablet signing contracts so that their sales process could be concluded with their customers in a single visit.

We continued to develop Abzorb's presence by integrating numerous fixed line product sets that were done through a partnership with Genius Networks. For a case study on how this benefited both parties please click here.

The partner portal is now a key unique selling point for Abzorb when attracting new partners. Their existing partner base have also provided feedback that it is enabling them to do business in a much more streamlined way, encouraging them to do more business with Abzorb

TO find out more about the services that Abzorb provide, please visit their website here.