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We built the original eContract solution for Vodafone, enabling their business partners to manage their own customers and streamlined their sales process. Widely reagrded as the tool that put clear distance between Vodafone and the other network providers by their partners, we have delivered various different flavours of this to cater for the different needs of the business partner.

task system


Empowering your partners to manage their own customers brings a multitude of benefits.

Reduced cost to serve

Empowering your partner

Closer customer relationship

A task based driven system allows your partners to raise a number of tasks, such as SIM Swaps, tariff changes, bundle amendments, bar adjustments, and keep a track of progress of the action. This frees up your staff time from answering calls because the partner is enabled to see for themselves the task

Network Integration

Automate your processes through integration with the big network providers. Reduce your staffing costs by automating processes to the major networks.

Speed up respopnse times by M2M communication. All of the major networks provide a series of APIs that allow for effective communication between their systems and yours. We have built integrated services for all of the major networks including: Virgin Media, EE, Talk Talk, Vodafone, BT.

One size does not fit all, which is why we offer a variety of scaleable solutions. For those partners with their own IT infrastructure we offer and installed version that runs without limits. For partners without this infrastructure we offer a number of hosted solutions.

We also offer a different pricing structure dependent on your needs.


Hosting Licencing
Installed on your infrastructure Unlimited
Remotely on the cloud Monthly user


  • We have worked with RQT for a number of years and found their approach to be very professional. They are always on call 24/7 to support us and this has made a massive difference in ensuring our systems are always available to our customers.

  • Danny wrote:

    Whatever problems we have, RQT always seem to have a solution, even when it's our 3rd party suppliers that are causing us the issue, they have always been on hand to help out

  • We were using echosign for our contracts but what this portal gives us is so much more and also makes creating the contracts very easy.

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