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Vapour Media

Vapour Media is a new company that specializes in a variety of fixed line and cabling solutions, including: Fibre, EFM, GEA, FTTC and DSL as well as NxG and Cloudware.

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When Vapour Media was established, we had worked with some of their directors previously on other projects and they engaged with us in order to ensure their partner capability was available. Understanding that integration with 3rd party suppliers was key to keeping costs down, we helped build a portal to their exact specification as well as integrating with their existing preferred choice of crm, Salesforce, and their suppliers: BT, Virgin Media, Talk Talk and Vodafone. Building bespoke systems that integrate with existing ones.

Engaged with a tight deadline due to an existing roadmap for on boarding partners, we completed the work by outsourcing some of the development work. Where we have limited timescales and resources, we have the capability to manage additional resource where required.

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