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The Portal

The portal is primarily a sales mechanism tool that allows you to manage both internal and indirect sales streams.

In order to try the portal please click here: Portal Demo »

For your peace of mind, the hosted version of the portal is built on a very robust platform of Microsoft technologies which are hosted on the secure and scaleable Azure platform.


Once on the portal page you can log in with:

Username: demo

Password: password123

This user has full administration rights, which means you will be able to see all of the admin functionality that the back end staff within your organisation would see. Please then pick one of the following user guides and follow the instructions to see the portal working.

For other types of users, please use one of the following log on credentials:

User Type Username Password Description
Internal Admin User demo password123 Full admin user can crate customers and contracts as well as view the back end functionality to progress these
Partner User with Admin partneradmin partnerpass1 Partner user who cannot see the back end functions but can administer their own users
Basic Partner User partnerbasic password456 Basic partner user who can manage their won custoemrs and contracts but has no powers of administrating users in their company